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#PreservePigs: The Art of the CureSmith is a body of work that will be written in 12 parts.  This is Part 1: An Introduction.

The book is written for the beginner in mind, however, expert curers will also find benefit from some of my experience gained over 15 years of curing.

The whole point of this book is to make this art form accessible to anyone, just using the basic tools from an ordinary domestic kitchen.


We want to achieve the gentlest curing process possible, preserving the superior quality of the meat…

…This book gives me the opportunity to share that passion with you!

This is so much more than a book.  When I started out on my curing journey I did not really have many resources to assist me.  One can only learn so much from the pages of a book – and most books basically just repeat the same subject.  Also, most books are written by curing experts who do so out of a commercial kitchen.

Whilst I have had to repeat much of what is said in other books, I share some of the tips and tricks that I have learnt to make this easier. And I have also supplemented the book with additional online materials, videos and instructions, that are only available to people who purchase the books in this series.

Readers access these resources through QR-Codes strategically placed in the book.

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